[Etoys] Impressions on B1 Machine

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Sat Dec 9 16:06:40 EST 2006

  Other than what Karl wrote, there are some differences.

  UI wise:
  * The buttons are more sensibly located.
  * There are two color charts and they don't pop up.  Having
    pre-allocated colors is good especially color:sees: is involved.

  Feature wize:
  * block of area move.
  * Redo.
  * mirror, scaling rotation are easier to use.  (We took the features
    out, but it seems that these features are more accessible in
    Scratch's way.)

  The downside, compared to Etoys are:
  * The brush size panel pops up and down.
  * fewer shapes.

The difference is not substantial but the biggest one is that Scratch
one looks more like a painting tool.

-- Yoshiki

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