[Etoys] Impressions on B1 Machine

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Sat Dec 9 14:54:51 EST 2006

What are the important positive properties of the Scratch paint tool? 
What parts are UI and what parts are functional improvements?




At 10:33 AM 12/9/2006, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Karl,
> > I really like the paint tool from Scratch.(http://scratch.mit.edu/)
> > Could we get that over to OPLC-Squeak ?
>   The license issue aside, it is an interesting option.  One of the
>goals is to make the tool the users use has similar look; I.e., the
>paint tool that the user would use in Etoys and the official paint
>tool in Sugar should provide common interface.  There are some
>senarios toward this goal:
>   1. We use current Etoys paint tool, and adjust its look and feel.
>   2. Incorporate Scratch's paint tool and adjust its look and feel.
>   3. Use Sugar's painting tool (if possible).
>   The last one is probably the hardest.  It is probably not quick
>enough to launch, and implementing onion skin over Etoys might be an
>issue.  But for the user, if nicely integrated, it can be the best
>   Either the option 1 or 2, it requires some work, and the option 2
>would require more.  We need to wait for the Sugar's implementation
>anyway and see what we can do.
>   (Another option is that exporting the paint tool in Etoys as the
>standard painting tool.  This has many upsides.)
>-- Yoshiki
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