[Etoys] [fix] PasteUpMorph shall not accept ScriptEditorMorph version 3

Karl karl.ramberg at chello.se
Sun Dec 3 08:20:02 EST 2006

Karl wrote:
> Karl wrote:
>> Karl wrote:
>>> When you have a Playfield/PasteUpMorph open in the world you had to 
>>> be careful where you placed the ScriptEditorMorphs otherwise they 
>>> would embed them self into the Playfield and some annoying cropping 
>>> would occur.
>>> karl
>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
>> Fixed issue with PhraseTileMorph embedding in same manner as 
>> ScriptEditorMorph.
>> karl
> Fixed issue with watchers and some more tiles
> Karl 
Hm, I played with the EventTheatre, which is really cool, and it seems 
my 'fix' will give some not wanted features, eg. a script added to the 
EventTheatre will be added to the world as well.
I'll have to investigate a little....

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