can one "dd" XO-1.5 internal microSD cards, to another XO-1.5?

Adam Holt holt at
Mon Feb 19 17:10:58 EST 2018

James & All,

Will it work if one extricates an XO-1.5's internal microSD card and then
places it inside another XO-1.5?

e.g. allowing an Ace Teacher to make her own customized images offline in
Haiti, with the power of a screwdriver, then simply re-assembling her very
small collection of XO-1.5's after the "dd" duplication of microSD's is

If this works, I will ask her to run "rm -rf /home/olpc/.sugar" first, in
order to delete all personal info on the master/template laptop, if she
really cares!  Context for this potential Lifesaver: the Ace Teacher does
not and cannot realistically use these more professional tools that we are
would normally advocate for: (deprecated!)
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