[IAEP] do OLPC browsers support WebRTC microphone audio input?

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun Mar 12 17:21:18 EDT 2017

G'day Jim,

I can recommend our OLPC NL3 with OLPC OS 16.04.2 and Firefox-52 or
Chrome-56 for WebRTC microphone input.

Several other combinations do not work.  Here are details with

- OLPC OS 16.04.2 on NL3 has Sugar Browse-200.1 [A] and Firefox-52
  [W], and can install Chrome-56 [W].

- OLPC OS 13.2.8 on XO-4 has Sugar Browse-157.3 [A], and can install
  Firefox-25 [B].  Chrome is not available.


Failure mode "A"; pocketsphinx.js acoustic scores demo does not work;
the start button is insensitive.  Because the WebRTC layer does not
support the feature.

Failure mode "B"; "Would you like to share your microphone with
snd95.github.io" is asked, the microphone light turns on, but failure
mode "A" then occurs.

Working mode "W", works fine.


Questions about OLPC OS are best posted by subscribing to
devel at lists.laptop.org as an authoritative source.  Let me know if you
have trouble subscribing.  I expect my reply will be bounced by IAEP.

Thanks to Adam for cross posting and Sam for data about OLPC OS

James Cameron

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