anyone want XOrduino or XO Stick bare boards

Paul Fox pgf at
Fri Mar 10 18:51:24 EST 2017

doing some cleanup today, i found that i have 10 XO Stick and 14
XOrduino bare boards that i'm happy to mail to anyone that can make
use of them -- either all at once, or as few as one to a "customer". 

i've used a couple of the XO Stick boards for my own projects, and i'm
setting aside a couple more for future use.  i also built up an
XOrduino, to prove it could be done (it wasn't easy -- hand-soldering
SMT parts is harder than it looks), but i'm not sure i ever even
booted it.  i'm happy to give that board to someone too.

i'm not on any of the deployment lists, or the unleashkids -- feel
free to forward this message if you think someone not on devel would
be interested.

for a reminder of what i'm talking about see: 

i have notes i made while assembling the XOrduino which i can share.
not sure i have anything similar for the XO Stick -- i recall it was
a piece of cake by comparison.

 paul fox, pgf at

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