Best GCompris for OLPC OS 13.2.8?

Adam Holt holt at
Mon Feb 13 00:40:31 EST 2017

Thanks James & Nathan.  This "model" XO-1 has 256MB of disk available on
fresh install of 13.2.8, which never falls below 240MB when trying many
different ways to install the "7+ MB" TuxMath.

So I'm surely doing something wrong, and will keep working on it this week,
until I rediscover something like the reliable TuxMath install recipe we
had for Haiti earlier.

Then, trying to install the "142+ MB" GCompris will be a different story of
course, given its OS library needs installing Tux Paint etc alongside,
which may require me deleting the 70+ MB /home/olpc/Library (and other /tmp
/var/tmp or swap adjustments?  Nathan also suggests "swapoff -a"  and "rm

I'm traveling today but will rededicate myself to cracking these 2
painful/important obstacles Tuesday onwards!

On Feb 13, 2017 5:02 AM, "James Cameron" <quozl at> wrote:

> Yes, the XO-1 JFFS2 NAND filesystem may report less space after the
> laptop has been used for a bit.  Fresh install gets the best space.
> (Because JFFS2 compresses data when writing, it cannot know how much
> free space is available, as because it depends on how compressible the
> data is.  So JFFS2 provides an estimate, and the estimate is
> pessimistic, and yum takes it at face value.)
> Yes, one XO-1 may show different space to another XO-1 freshly
> installed.
> (Because NAND may have bad blocks that are skipped by JFFS during
> reflashing.  You will have noticed these as differently coloured.
> Good chance of more bad blocks as the laptops age.)
> Yes, removing files apart from Activities and Library won't fix space.
> (Because olpc-update keeps a hard link mirror of the filesystem in
> /versions, and your changes to removing files won't remove them from
> the copy.)
> Yes, customising the operating system is really time consuming; we
> have instead provided the tools for remastering the operating system,
> and these tools are easy to use.  Adding .xo and doing yum installs
> are supported.  See OS_Builder on the Wiki.
> If you lack resources to do this, then I can assist to a limited
> extent, as I did for Haiti in January last year.  Additional benefit
> of using me is that the build may be signed, which installs using the
> four game key method without having to create deployment keys.
> Workaround for yum lack of space is to use .rpm files directly.  Also
> much faster.
> --
> James Cameron
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