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Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sun Feb 12 11:50:07 EST 2017

On Feb 12, 2017 5:01 PM, "Adam Holt" <holt at laptop.org> wrote:

On Feb 12, 2017 4:08 PM, "Adam Holt" <holt at laptop.org> wrote:

FYI those who want TuxMath on XO-1: run Nathan's wrapper (TuxMath-3.1.xo,
126KB) after installing the following on XO-1...

http://download.unleashkids.org/HaitiOS/bundles/tuxmath-3.xo   (7.0 MB)

(Without Nathan's wrapper, error "TuxMath failed to start" appears 5 sec
after launch, e.g. from Sugar's Journal.)

Ah well I could not reproduce this on the very same XO-1 when cleanly
reflashed, an extremely well-tested unit in quite perfect condition.

Possibly yum install of certain libraries is needed, unlike in times past.

Will try to get to the bottom of this all with Nathan Riddle and others in
the coming week, to understand what's wrong with the installation recipe!

Certainly frustrating after a week, that I still cannot get a clean install
routine for TuxMath & GCompris on 13.2.8 on XO-1...

(At least XO-4 installs are easy!)

Still no luck getting GCompris installed on XO-1, but FYI for all Nathan
Riddle's 4 wrappers (that clean up activity.info and add an icon for Sugar
ring / Home View, for each of Gcompris, TuxMath, TuxPaint, Firefox) are
published here:

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