OSBuilder for 13.2.7

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Sep 19 00:35:27 EDT 2016

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 09:20:05PM +0200, Lionel Laské wrote:
> Thanks for your answer.
> I've launched 'make' because it's mentioned here [1].

Thanks for the explanation, but please reload the page if it still
says just "make".  It was edited after your mail.

> But the zhashfs is present in the bin directory.


> BTW it don't works when I'm tried. The build fail on KspostStage
> (see full log below).  Any idea ?
> [...]
> Examining org.sugarlabs.MusicKeyboard v8.2: http://download.sugarlabs.org/
> activities/4564/music_keyboard-8.2.xo
> HTTP error: 404

During an outage of activities.sugarlabs.org in July, builds failed
because the activity download links on wiki.laptop.org were invalid.
The links to activity bundles on download.sugarlabs.org continued to
function.  So I changed our page to use the better URLs.

I made a typo.  Digit transposition.  It wasn't noticed because my
build system used cached files, and other people doing builds use
their own activity lists.

You can see the edit history of the activity list page here:


Now that I've fixed the typo, try the build again, so we can find out
what next will fail.

James Cameron

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