replacement RTC batteries for XO-1 and XO-1.5; which are recommended?

Adam Holt holt at
Tue Mar 29 15:55:47 EDT 2016

Does anyone have recommended RTC battery model number(s) handy for XO-1 and
XO-1.5?  In context with these very useful RTC (Real-Time-Clock on
motherboard) rescue/maintenance tips here:

Evidently some schools prefer a clean start, replacing all their RTC
batteries now that XO-1 laptops especially are approaching a decade of
life.  Depending what RTC prices and Minimum Order Quantities are
forthcoming in 2016+ of course -- both for smaller & larger operations --
perhaps Nathan has an idea?

(Less urgent, but recommended RTC battery model numbers for XO-1.75 and
XO-4 would be wonderful too, if handy?)

<> is an excellent more
comprehensive list of refurbishing tactics for those interested!*
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