Glueing SD cards into XO laptops

Adam Holt holt at
Mon Mar 21 10:32:44 EDT 2016

As many thousands of SD cards are now being considered to be retrofit into
legacy XO's, in quite exciting new experiments with content-packed OS's,
Kevin Gordon is way ahead of us all as usual:

What glues do people recommend, to reduce temptation from young kids who
fidget/grab anything they can?

Can we come up with the best glues/brand-names/techniques to mitigate this
very real problem, that small objects wander off, in small hands especially?

Also a somewhat more permanent glue is desired by many schools I talk to,
who face a very real risk of overt theft, as 32GB or 64GB SD cards
represent a week or a fortnight's salary for a teacher/janitor in many of
the countries where we work :-(

The equivalent in NYC (where an increasing number of teachers are paid
$100,000+/year) might be to leave $4000 gold coins on every student's desk,
and to very naively/pretentiously expect none will walk :-)
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