Non-Network Time Protocol for Haiti?

James Cameron quozl at
Mon Mar 7 01:28:40 EST 2016

Your question reminded me to release my "download time button" for the
Clock activity, which you can find at

The new button sets the system date and time and then saves it in the
real-time clock.  Screenshot attached.  It fits your use-case for the
teacher's laptop, but can also be used on children's laptops.  Patches
sent to Gonzalo [1].

For the rest of your question to do with scripting or programming USB
drive actions; there are plenty of programming languages available on
the XO, so your best bet is to find who is going to do the work and
let them choose the most appropriate language for their experience.

I wouldn't do it the way you've proposed; it shows how little you know
of what can be done, and an insistence on specific solutions, probably
pushed along by teachers who can't be bothered learning useful skills.

Instead I'd use Daniel Drake's Oatslite server on the master laptop,
with the Oatstime file on a USB drive that only gets set up once, or
use network booting with the four game keys gesture.  With no
deployment keys the file [4] can be simplified by removing the key

	: verify-oats   2drop   ;

The question of how to maintain the clocks does come up regularly.  A
nice summary of the secure method is in ticket #11425 [5].

Another thing you could do is find out;

(a) why the time isn't being kept, e.g. broken battery holders, dead

(b) what the time is used for; given that Sugar barely uses it.

My guess is that having fixed the firmware problems that prevent
laptops from booting with dead clock batteries, I've simply moved the
problem to later.  Silly me.



James Cameron
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