Simple stuff I don't know

James Cameron quozl at
Wed Sep 16 20:53:02 EDT 2015

On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 05:47:17PM -0700, George Hunt wrote:
> Thanks for the hints about timing, and environment variables. I'm
> inclined to continue to explore .xsessions because I think I will
> have a better chance to manipulate the mate desktop from bash,
> rather than from python scripts down inside of sugar. 

You'll love Python once you get the hang of it.  ;-)

> On the sugar desktop side, first experiments show that putting a
> start job into the background, with sugar-launch, works.

Good.  I wasn't sure if the environment variables the shell gives to
an activity would turn out to be critical.  Perhaps they are only
needed for the starting animation and Frame and Alt-Tab.

Do add a limited retry.  Sugar can take longer to start sometimes, and
a race condition would be irritating.

James Cameron

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