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James Cameron quozl at
Sun Feb 15 20:56:05 EST 2015

On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 02:31:13PM -0300, Martin Abente wrote:
> There is Sugar 0.104.0 now,

Now that Sugar 0.104.0 packages are uploaded to the rpmdropbox, they
can be tested on an XO using Samuel's builds after fs-update by typing
"sudo yum upgrade" in Terminal.

> Sugar does not send any information to the internet, but we can
> provide a way to disable/skip that screen.

Sugar nickname (a screen name) and colour choice have always been sent
over the network using mDNS.  While this does not normally leave a
local network, that is because of local network configuration, not

Revealing this over the network is such a fundamental part of Sugar
that those deploying it should already know about this.

> > All: The Sugar Language control panel appears to be broken. 
> This works fine on sugar-build but as soon as I get back at home, I
> will take a look with an XO. Maybe you can send over some logs? 

I can't reproduce this.

It works on the OLPC build 8.

On a local build that does not have sugar-cp-language installed, the
0.104.0 version was installed, after fs-update, using rpm, and then
tested.  It works.

For your interest, shell.log did contain a strange message that had no

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/sugar/extensions/cpsection/language/", line 366, in __lang_timeout_cb
  File "/usr/share/sugar/extensions/cpsection/language/", line 174, in set_languages_list
    language_env = colon.join(languages)
TypeError: sequence item 1: expected string, NoneType found

I don't yet see why it doesn't work for Samuel.

Looking further at the source, there's a comment in model._initialize
about running under optimisation where the docstrings are absent.

olpc-os-builder uses level 2 optimisation, and docstrings will be

None of the recent git commits to cpsection/language seem to relate.

James Cameron

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