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Hello Samuel,

Thanks for your work :)

On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 10:11 AM, Samuel Greenfeld <samuel at>

> I spent a few hours this past weekend looking into if third-party XO OS
> builds were still possible.
> The result is a set of unsigned XO laptop images for XO-1/1.5/1.75/4 I
> have uploaded to
> This is the first time images may have been made for certain models this
> release cycle.   So this release has bugs, and is meant only for testing.
> The XO-1 image in particular should be avoided unless you are trying to
> solve its performance problems.
> These images were created independently of OLPC and are not supported by
> Bug reports about these images can be filed in with the
> "commbuild" keyword.  However other members of the community are needed to
> help fix problems as my skills are limited.
> If you would prefer to use the latest OLPC-provided open-source build, it
> can be found at
> Known improvements (from usage/researching changelogs):
>    - All: The GNOME desktop has been replaced by MATE.
>    - All: Wikipedia EN and ES have been replaced by the Simple English
>    Wikipedia activity.
>    - All: The latest Open Firmware for each platform.
>    - All: Based on Fedora 20 & Sugar 0.103.2 with most Fedora updates as
>    of early February 2015.
> There is Sugar 0.104.0 now,

>    -
>    - All (userland)/XO-4(OFW): Brightness adjustments for an upcoming
>    manufacturing backlight LED change.  Laptops with new backlights will be
>    identified by a "BL" manufacturing tag.   Routines to handle earlier
>    backlights exist.  Note there may be some more backlight tweaks in the next
>    version of powerd.
>    - XO-4: Support for newer and larger eMMC internal storage options.
>    - XO-4: LiPoly battery support (instead of NiMH).
>    - XO-4: Dual core CPU Support.
> Known issues:
>    - All: This is not a "restricted" build, and does not have any
>    licensed codec/binaries/video drivers some deployments may want.
>    - All: Sugar asks for a user's grade and gender.  If this is sent over
>    the Internet, this may not be legal in many countries without the
>    appropriate parent/school permissions.
>  Sugar does not send any information to the internet, but we can provide a
way to disable/skip that screen.

>    -
>    These images therefore probably should not be given to children until
>    we have a better understanding of what is going on.
>    - All: The Sugar Language control panel appears to be broken.
> This works fine on sugar-build but as soon as I get back at home, I will
take a look with an XO. Maybe you can send over some logs?

>    -
>    - All: MATE has the same large text/dpi display problems GNOME had if
>    not worse.
>    - All: Originally a private RPM repository was created for several x86
>    RPMs where only ARM ones existed.  The relevant x86 ones have since been
>    built and the last RPM I'm told isn't needed, so a private repository
>    should not be required going forward.
>    - XO-1: NetworkManager and systemd-journald use up most of the CPU
>    logging repeated failed actions against the mesh(?) network adapter,
>    leaving too little CPU for Sugar to work with.
>    Some other services may also be using CPU, but these seem to be the
>    most persistent (OLPC #12860).
>    - XO-1: MATE, Simple English Wikipedia, and Physics were removed to
>    conserve space while debugging the above.  There may only be room for
>    either MATE or Simple Wikipedia with a more complete build, as this only
>    leaves ~100 MB free.
>    - XO-1: There is no "G1G1Lite"-style activity set at this time.
>    - XO-1.5: Camera and/or video overlay support appears to be broken
>    (OLPC #12858).
>    - XO-1.5: Automatic suspend is disabled in this build due to the DCON
>    freezing the text console instead of the graphical UI (OLPC #12859).
>    - XO-1.5: This build may be too large for 2 GB SD cards (not tested,
>    but observed).
>    - XO-1.75: If you have one of the rare XO-1.75s with a touchscreen,
>    the latest versions of OFW do not have "test /touchscreen" support (and may
>    not have for some time).
>    - XO-4: Programs may randomly crash due to OLPC #12837.  So building
>    14.1.0 on an XO-4 using 14.1.0 currently is not supported.
>    - XO-4: Due to Open Firmware and EC updates to support LiPoly
>    batteries, XO-4s with newer firmware no longer are compatible with NiMH
>    batteries (rare and should only affect users with pre-release SKUs).
>    - XO-4: If you wish to downgrade from this OS to 13.2.2 or prior, you
>    need to reinstall an Open Firmware version in the Q7B* series, such as
>    Q7B44 or earlier (Q7B40 or earlier with NiMH).

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