trying 41001qq

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Sun Feb 15 08:21:41 EST 2015

It is nice to see a new build for all the XOs after some time now.
Tried 41001qq at the ends of the spectrum my G1G1 XO-1 and a touch XO-4
Both worked and I even got them to collaborate on measure activity
On the XO-4 things are really nice and with the SMP kernel things are moving reasonably fast.
Sugar runs just fine and activities do not misbehave. 
Mate desktop is responsive albeit touch unfriendly. Not sure if anything could be done about it as I do not think they have a touch-friendly theme or layout.
The default 10 point font is too big and 7 or 8 would be better.
Also the switch user option does nothing and should be probably hidden, as well as Xterm that is useless on Mate. But these are minor tittle things to wary about.

On the XO-1, I would say simple do not build for this hardware.
It took me 3 tries and a long unexpected phonecall to actually boot in the XO-1, as in the first 2 tries after a minute or 2 with a black (power management kicks in) or white screen, I was rebooting and checking that everything was OK. 
It is just takes a very looooong time to get going. This is also true when starting activities as with most the "fail to start" timeout kicks in before the activity has the chance to start. If you ignore it, the activity eventually starts.
Adding a bit of swap did not improve things.
Looking at CPU usage it would appear that systemd-journal consumes anything from 35 to 55% of the CPU with just 'top' running and the XO-1 is constantly on 3.0+ load average.
I do not know if systemd-journal can be turned off but would be desirable for XO-1 builds.
The other heavy CPU user (that I do not remember being the case in older builds) is Network Manager/wpa_suplicant with ~20% each. 
Anyway, the build "works" on the XO-1 but with *a lot* of patience. 
So unless the new builds have this "killer/must have" feature, I wouldn't bother with XO-1 Fedora/Sugar builds.

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