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Sun Feb 15 05:55:10 EST 2015

I will be really interested in a build that make the XO multi-media capable with all the necessary stuff installed . With more powerful XO I wonder what it takes to make video/audio streaming of *.mp4 files without a need to convert things to *ogv. 

Cheers and it is reassuring to see some activity here.

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>From the "community build" perspective, I am waiting to see how many people
>download and/or provide feedback before making a significant number of them.
>So far, more search engines than users have downloaded the build I released
>on Monday.
>Given the significant barrier to entry (you must have an XO to use them) I
>don't know how many volunteers remain who are willing to help test &
>maintain builds other than those officially supported by OLPC.  And it is
>unclear how much help OLPC can provide except in areas which they are
>actively engaged with deployments to work on.
>On Sat, Feb 14, 2015 at 8:55 AM, Yioryos Asprobounitis <mavrothal at>
>> Nice to see the list back up and running.
>> According to the info XO4 firmware q7c04 "support(s) booting legacy
>> android kernel"
>> However both os32013a4 and 3214a4 fail to boot under q7c04.
>> Do they qualify as "legacy android kernel"?
>> BTW is there any official or community SMP android/sugar builds in the
>> works?
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