ext2 vs ext4 vs exFAT for XO content SD cards?

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Aug 15 21:05:48 EDT 2015

What filesystem would people recommend for ~128GB SD cards inserted into XO
laptops or XSCE servers heading far afield, to insert very large
(evolving?) digital libraries just like Internet-in-a-Box?

Multiyear reliability for all this content would be important, but some say
ext4 (slow journaled filesystems?) have their own problems on SD?

Is wear-leveling of modern SD cards (Flash memory) fully taken care of by
the largest manufacturers/drivers already, or should we seek out particular
filesystems/drivers?  And unmount / power off carefully etc?

In-country copying and eventually in-country remixing of SD cards
(containing local-language, local-vid cultural jewels) would be Absolutely
Wonderful -- if we can achieve that by using a filesystem that works
instantly (exFAT? NTFS?) across all Windows and Mac computers ideally?  For
all static content anyway, on 1 partition of several?  Accelerating dup'ing
of SD cards as a bonus?!

Many paths possible for sure, but most important: what
interop/longevity/other issues are we overlooking??
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