Error on XO4 update to 32016o4.zd

Sebastian Silva sebastian at
Mon Apr 20 12:48:58 EDT 2015


I did finally find a reference to this error:

*Refusal to update EC code*

When upgrading from old software versions, Open Firmware may refuse to
update the EC firmware, showing a battery icon with a bad face on every
boot, and logging the following messages over serial and during verbose

 EC command result timeout
 Skipping EC reflash, not enough power

This is due to a change in how OFW gets battery status. To solve this,
with a charged battery and external power connected, run at the ok
<> prompt:


That did the trick. It upgraded it's various firmwares and now it did boot.
I should've searched for the error message before asking.

Thanks for all your help.


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