Announcing the development of OLPC OS 14.1.0

James Cameron quozl at
Sun Sep 28 18:03:51 EDT 2014

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On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 09:48:43AM -0400, Tim Moody wrote:
> A couple of questions:
> Do you do regression testing of the client side of XS functionality,
> such as idmgr registration, and if so, what server do you use?

No.  Because of very limited resources.  I don't know of any test
environment setup procedure or test cases.

> Do you think it is feasible to build a minimal Fedora 20 with
> keyboard, console on the screen, wifi support, and usb support?

Yes.  Remove [sugar] from .ini file.

> says olpc-os-builder is on Fedora
> 18.  Is that a copy error or is cross-compiling possible?

Yes, we use Fedora 18 with olpc-os-builder on an XO-4 to generate
these Fedora 20 builds.  So to do deployments.

This is not unusual, we've done it before.  I'd call it distribution
release cross-building.  It isn't architecture cross-compiling, that
remains elusive.

We'd like to use Fedora 20, but cannot because of random heap
corruption shown by yum or python:

There's a risk this random corruption may affect normal use, but we
haven't seen that yet.  "yum update" isn't something we need to

James Cameron

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