Logitech USB wireless keyboard with trackpad on XO-1.75

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 22:20:34 EDT 2014

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 9:48 PM, James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> wrote:
> This deserves a new thread, as it is not related to purchase of
> replacement keyboards.  So I'm changing subject of post and including
> your post below.
> On Fri, Sep 19, 2014 at 12:47:13AM +0000, tkkang at nurturingasia.com wrote:
>> I plug a logitech wireless trackpad with keyboard on to a
>> XO1.75. The keyboard is recognised but not the trackpad. No luck
>> with just a stand alone wireless mouse also.
>> Are there things I need to do to get wireless input access on the
>> XO?
> Yes.
> There are too many Logitech wireless trackpads with keyboard to be
> able to identify your particular device; could you please supply the
> model number, and the USB vendor and product identifiers shown by the
> "sudo lsusb -v" command.
> There are too many ways in which a device may present the USB HID
> (human interface device) features to the host computer; if you can
> provide the "sudo lsusb -v" command output then I can check that.
> You may need to "sudo yum install -y lsusb" to get the lsusb program
> installed.
> Moving on to speculation:
> Some devices are not intentionally supported by OLPC OS, for reasons
> of space.  It is possible to add support.
> Some devices are not sadly not supported by Linux.  This particular
> device is unlikely to be affected, since other references to it show
> support on other Linux distributions [1].
> Our ticket #12616 [2] seems likely to be the cause of your problem.
> Please check to see if any of the workarounds in that ticket fix it
> for you.  In particular, try stopping olpc-kbdshim process,
>         sudo systemctl stop olpc-kbdshim.service

FWIW, the MakeyMakey activity [1] does this for you.



[1] http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4729
> But this also disables keyboard and touchpad idle detection, rotate
> key, touchpad and arrow keys screen rotation support, grab scrolling
> key, volume keys, and brightness keys.
> You might also try the MakeyMakey activity on Sugar Labs [3], which
> uses the same workaround.
> +CC Paul Fox, for interest as olpc-kbdshim author.
> References:
> [1]  http://elinux.org/RPi_USB_Keyboards
> [2]  http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/12616
> [3]  http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/MakeyMakey
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