SD on XO-1

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu May 15 16:19:28 EDT 2014

georgejhunt at said:
> With so many XO1's out there, it might really be helpful, and strategic, to
> be able to have more that 1 GB storage.

> I guess we might not know for a while how many XO1's are unreliable, when
> running off of an SD card, until we try it. 

I have an XO-1 that was setup to reboot every 4 hours. and mount an SD card.  
It didn't get a lot of use, but it did test the reboot process and make sure 
the WiFi worked.

The only problems I ever saw was that it would occasionally hang during boot 
because Linux couldn't talk to the SD card.  It was printing out a timeout 
message every second or two.  There was a short pause between messages.

I assumed it was a quirk in the firmware setup.  I'll try to collect some 
data if somebody wants to chase this.

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