SD Sugar boot for XO-1

James Cameron quozl at
Wed May 14 22:46:09 EDT 2014

Why exclude devel@?  Re-added.

On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 10:30:53PM -0400, Nathan C. Riddle wrote:
> TK,
> I have tried to follow the thread on "Boot Menu on XO".
> Have you gone beyond the boot int:x and boot ext:x   to use internal
> or external SD ?

Open Firmware will boot from any media present; it tries USB first,
then external SD card slot, then whatever the internal storage is.

> If this is still the simple case, I am missing why this is not
> possible on an unlocked XO-1 .

It is possible, but it does not work, because it was never completed
during development.

> The installation on the SD is same
> (?):
> devalias fsdisk ext:0
> fs-update u:\nameoftheimage.zd

No, the installation on SD card would have to be entirely different,
because an XO-1 lacks fsdisk and fs-update.

> Is boot ext:x not available in XO-1 firmware ?  (x is
> \boot\olpc.fth)

Manual boot from SD card is available on XO-1 firmware, but it is not
needed, because Open Firmware will boot from any media present.

> I have recently installed on XO-1.5 , 13.2.0 on  SD (class 10) with
> Firefox and Flash (per Jame's fine posts here).  (The erase step on
> SD appears to be almost twice as fast on this faster card versus
> internal card.)  Reasonable Flash performance.  These faster cards
> (8 GB) are under $10 at the local WalMart. :)

There is no erase step per se.  You're seeing the write step, and the
card may have been pre-erased.  Next time you do this it will be

Yes, modern cards can be quite fast.  Look for one with a specified
write speed designed for video recording, and it might increase the
performance of the whole system.

James Cameron

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