XO 1.75 Slow to turn off

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed May 14 20:38:25 EDT 2014

First please run the hardware diagnostic tests and report any
problems, see:


I agree with Gonzalo, there is not enough problem description in your
mail, and there are two problems which may not be related.

I've seen Browse activity fail to download, and it is usually network
problems, which can be verified using Firefox in Gnome, or wget in
Terminal.  Sugar logs, as Gonzalo says, will help diagnosis.

I've seen five minute shutdown delay for various causes, and when it
happens there is ample evidence in /var/log/messages file or dmesg
command to find the cause.

However, keyboard may not respond, and /var/log is lost on reboot, so
you may temporarily remove /var/log from /etc/fstab, reboot, then
reproduce the problem.  Reboot again, and then look at
/var/log/messages file.  On recent builds you may edit
/etc/rsyslogd.conf to remove the automatic rotate when the file
reaches 1MB.

You may also attach a serial adapter to the serial console port inside
the laptop to diagnose shutdown delays.  See:


@Gonzalo, minor note, microSD and eMMC do not ever show bad blocks,
they are managed by the controller inside the device, so red blocks
are never shown.  Red blocks are XO-1 only.

James Cameron

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