[Sugar-devel] XO on Fedora 20 (was Re: [GSoC] Porting To Python3)

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Mon May 12 18:43:06 EDT 2014

daniel wrote:
 > * Should we contribute the olpc-os-builder changes back to OLPC or fork it?
 > > I don't know if OLPC will do any active development on the linux side of
 > > things, if not maybe better to turn this into a sugarlabs thing.
 > Yes. I don't really have a strong feeling one way or another. I can send
 > patches for the generic parts if they are wanted.
 > I think we also need a place where to put reference configurations. I
 > initially had put them in olpc-os-builder, numbered as 14.0.0 but that
 > feels wrong... since no official olpc releases are planned. I suppose I
 > could edit the examples/f18-[model].ini ones instead, but I would need
 > access to whatever repository we use to change those without needing review
 > every time.

in my opinion, the value of not forking would outweigh the risk of
giving commit privs to someone from (gasp!) sugarlabs. ;-)  (that really
is just an opinion, of course.  it's not my call.)

it also seems like this problem could be well solved with branches and
tags.  i haven't looked at the o-o-b tree, but i assume the current
13.2.0 point could be frozen (branch or tag) and other work could
continue, and eventually branched or tagged itself.

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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