restart by ctl+alt+bs

TONY ANDERSON tony_anderson at
Mon May 12 11:18:06 EDT 2014

At some point, the ctl+alt+backspace signal to restart was dropped.  This was
a very handy way
to get out of dead-ends caused by starting too many activities.

What I would like to do is have this signal show a screen similar to the
switch desktop screen but with
a set of options:
    Start Sugar
    Start Gnome

where the login option allows the user to set the nick to his/her username.
The advantage of this is that
the nick is reset at Sugar start. This option is needed at sites where more
than one person uses the laptop (even in OLPC sites, it can be expected that
more than one person will use the laptop when it is at home).

Does anyone know why this capability was dropped? Is there any technical
reason it can not be restored? How does one set the ctl+alt+bs to call a
procedure in globalkeys (similar to viewsource and screenshot)? Is that the
way this should be done?



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