WiFi Problem

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu May 8 18:52:56 EDT 2014

On Thu, May 08, 2014 at 05:43:24PM -0500, Juan Carlos Garcès Mariño wrote:
> I can´t use the develop.sig file in this machines, don´t work.
> I copy the file in a folder with name: /security but not happen
> nothing.

Nothing should happen.  You have to do an extra step to take full

Shutdown the laptop,

Insert the USB drive or SD card containing the developer key, or with
the key on the internal storage,

Hold down the '✓' (check) game pad key and turn on the laptop, a
diagram of the game keys should appear with a message Release the game
keys to continue,

Release the '✓' (check) game pad key, and within ten seconds a Devel
key Signature valid message will appear, with an open padlock icon,
followed by Type the ESC key to interrupt automatic startup,

Press Escape key once, and the 'ok' prompt should appear immediately.

The laptop is now unlocked temporarily. 

If this doesn't work, try a different medium.  e.g. USB drive:

Make a directory called security at the top of your USB drive and copy
the develop.sig file into it.

You should now have a USB drive a directory security which contains
develop.sig, in. This is an unlock stick ready to use.

> And in the console, appear me the follow: "/usr/bin/ping has both
> setuid-root and effective capabilities. therefore not raising all
> capabilities"
> I don´t know if have something that see with the problem

It has nothing at all to do with the problem.

James Cameron

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