"No signature for our key list"

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Mon Jan 13 17:35:07 EST 2014

Hi James,
Thank you very much for your prompt answer.
Your speculation was right: switching to a different USB key got me to 
successfully install.
Indeed I had changed the USB to ext4 and back to fat32 again, having 
lost the original partition table backup.
I hope I can be of help sometime as well.
Best regards,

On 13/01/14 16:24, James Cameron wrote:
> G'day Sebastian,
> You reported two interesting problems.
> That fs-update doesn't seem to do anything while security is disabled
> means something is very wrong.
> That you get "No signature for our key list" may be related, but I'm
> not sure how.
> I suggest working on the problems in reverse order, because without
> working fs-update there's no way you can use the four game key signed
> install method.
> Speculation: a recent change to your USB drive filesystem made it
> incompatible with Open Firmware; a problem that I fixed in the last
> year.
> You can also contact me on IRC.
> --
> Problem 1 - fs-update
> a.  Please tell me the firmware version.
> b.  Please show me the output you get when you try fs-update.
> c.  Please tell me how long the fs-update runs for, e.g. with a clock,
> or by using the built-in timing commands:
> ok t-hms( " u:\fs.zd" $fs-update )t-hms
> d.  Please try again with the latest firmware version, Q3C16, because
> there have been several fixes relating to USB drives and filesystems.
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Firmware_q3c16
> e.  Please try again with a different filesystem (but without
> reformatting the problem filesystem, unless you don't care what caused
> it),
> f.  Please check but do not repair (yet) the problem filesystem.
> --
> Problem 2 - "No signature for our key list"
> The error "No signature for our key list" means that fs-update signature verification failed.
> The code is in the definition next-sig-in-list$ which looks "for a line
> that starts with "sig0N: " whose key signature
> \ matches the trailing bytes of a public key in our current list."
> a.  Check the fs.zip file:
>      - does the fs.zip file have a file data.sig inside it?
>      - does the file data.sig have a sig01 line?
> b.  Check the laptop:
>      - use .mfg-data to check that the deployment keys are present,
> To automate the comparison of deployment keys, you may use telnet or
> rdc in Open Firmware, see http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Firmware/Remote
> On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 03:36:33PM -0500, Sebastian Silva wrote:
>> Hi James and OLPC,
>> I know you might be able to help to figure out why suddently my XOs
>> 1.5 refuse to flash my OOB built images.
>> All I get is "No signature for our key list". However, by the same
>> process, images built for XO1 seem to work fine.
>> Security is even disabled on these XO1.5s and fs-update in ok prompt
>> doesn't seem to do anything.
>> How can I verify what went wrong? I could not find anything
>> suspicious in OOB output.
>> Thanks in advance for your help
>> Sebastian

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