"No signature for our key list"

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Jan 13 16:24:44 EST 2014

G'day Sebastian,

You reported two interesting problems.

That fs-update doesn't seem to do anything while security is disabled
means something is very wrong.

That you get "No signature for our key list" may be related, but I'm
not sure how.

I suggest working on the problems in reverse order, because without
working fs-update there's no way you can use the four game key signed
install method.

Speculation: a recent change to your USB drive filesystem made it
incompatible with Open Firmware; a problem that I fixed in the last

You can also contact me on IRC.

Problem 1 - fs-update

a.  Please tell me the firmware version.

b.  Please show me the output you get when you try fs-update.

c.  Please tell me how long the fs-update runs for, e.g. with a clock,
or by using the built-in timing commands:

ok t-hms( " u:\fs.zd" $fs-update )t-hms

d.  Please try again with the latest firmware version, Q3C16, because
there have been several fixes relating to USB drives and filesystems.

e.  Please try again with a different filesystem (but without
reformatting the problem filesystem, unless you don't care what caused

f.  Please check but do not repair (yet) the problem filesystem.

Problem 2 - "No signature for our key list"

The error "No signature for our key list" means that fs-update signature verification failed.

The code is in the definition next-sig-in-list$ which looks "for a line
that starts with "sig0N: " whose key signature
\ matches the trailing bytes of a public key in our current list."

a.  Check the fs.zip file:

    - does the fs.zip file have a file data.sig inside it?

    - does the file data.sig have a sig01 line?

b.  Check the laptop:

    - use .mfg-data to check that the deployment keys are present,

To automate the comparison of deployment keys, you may use telnet or
rdc in Open Firmware, see http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Firmware/Remote

On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 03:36:33PM -0500, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> Hi James and OLPC,
> I know you might be able to help to figure out why suddently my XOs
> 1.5 refuse to flash my OOB built images.
> All I get is "No signature for our key list". However, by the same
> process, images built for XO1 seem to work fine.
> Security is even disabled on these XO1.5s and fs-update in ok prompt
> doesn't seem to do anything.
> How can I verify what went wrong? I could not find anything
> suspicious in OOB output.
> Thanks in advance for your help
> Sebastian

James Cameron

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