Announcing another early Android build for XO-4 [Devel Digest, Vol 98, Issue 13]

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Thu Apr 24 13:04:59 EDT 2014

>> Chrome is failing to enforce minimum font size in various sites (try
>> github as an example) making browsing unpleasant. Not sure if this
>> is a chrome or a build bug but other browsers work fine (Boat look
>> the best). The previous browser was also better on that front. 
>I've just tested Chrome on this build
>with, going to one of my Arduino repositories, visiting the
>origin of the fork, reviewing two patches and displaying diffs.  I
>didn't find it unpleasant, and the font size was reasonable.

Obviously your eyesight is better than mine but this is not the point.
In this picture [1] from Github with Boat and Chrome browsers at 120% text zoom, you can see that the README text is at comparable size but everything else is smaller in Chrome and actually the same size as at 100% zoom.

BTW, how did you get the screenshot? The Power-Button+X-gamekey does not appear to work in this build (unless if the screenies are "hidden" somewhere?)


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