Multi-touch [Devel Digest, Vol 98, Issue 9]

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Mon Apr 14 00:42:17 EDT 2014

>>  If a picture is a thousand words, what about a video [1] or [2]?
> Thanks for testing.  I hope this will be useful to our developer.
> What is the SKU?  Check label underneath battery, or type .mfg-data at
> ok prompt and read tag sk.


> What is the touchscreen firmware version?  See [1] for how to find.

>>  Some real magic after 22 sec ;-)
> That's the app.  

Actually I think the major problem was immediately after 22 sec point. 
When during movement the X or Y coordinates of 2 (or more) touch points are momentarily overlapping, quite often they are swapped and the mirror touch point is "sensed"/presented instead.
In 3-point touches (using faster apps) where X-Y crossing is more likely, it is a constant problem.
> It is too slow for the hardware, and has a queue of
> events to process; perhaps it should not attempt to draw three circles
> for every touchscreen event, because the events arrive faster than a
> three circles can be drawn.  Can you fix the app?
Yes, I realize that. Other apps are much better in this respect, but this was the only app I could find that does not want to access anything else on the laptop ::) and it was fun :)

<Change of subject>
Talking about speed, the XO-4 is still showing (and behaving) as a single core.
I think at some point just before the downsizing/resolution of XO-development team, Wad reported some progress on bigLittle. Anybody knows if this is still pursued by anybody? 
</Change of subject>

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