EC, CForth exploratory commands?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Sun Apr 13 13:48:35 EDT 2014

Hi folks!

Yesterday I ran a workshop covering some topics about hw development
and mfg. Using a lot of material from Bunnie's blog, as well as from
my time in the trenches.

As part of it I tried -- and mostly failed -- to give folks a tour of
early boot, using some old boards I have stashed. Here I got truly
lost. I could not find current useful notes on what you can do in the
early CForth env. I could also not find the commands for the EC port
in the wiki, though I do remember issuing commands on that port during
some testing...

I'm more familiar with the full OFW/Forth env so I kind of rescued my
pride there. The attendees got hooked so they're trying to drag me
into a second session in the coming weeks. It would be nice to revisit
EC port and early CForth with commands that actually work :-}

For simplicity sake, let's assume that I'm on XO-4 B1 or later. That's
what I have the most of, and what I suspect is the most interesting

thanks in advance...

 martin.langhoff at
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