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> I would appreciate if someone could inform me about the redistribution of
> the
> ARM version of Adobe Flash present in OLPC-AU builds for XO-4.
> We would like to include it in FatDog/Puppylinux builds for the ARM XOs
> but we
> certainly do not want to violate any outstanding redistribution agreements.
> Alternatively we could have a script for the user to rsync it from the
> olpc-au
> update server directly.
> I looked for the equivalent of rsync://updates.laptop.org/ but could not
> find
> anything.
> Any pointers?
> The other thing that we can not find is the marvell-ipp source. The
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Vmeta page points to
> Git repo: /home/dsd/private_git/marvell-ipp branch (mmp2/mmp3 branches)
> Does "private_git" means that indeed are not available?
> Or that maybe available only after an NDA or something relevant?
> Thanks
> My understanding is that the XO-1.75 codec licensing was done as an add on
to the customers order.  That changed with the XO-4 as codec licensing was
purchased for all machines produced.  That is why vMeta should be available
to all XO-4 owners.

I have never been in any conversations with anyone that new the actual
licensing for the Adobe Flash binary.  The restrictions for it were
originally imposed by the requirement that vMeta licensing be purchased
because our custom version of flash uses the vMeta hardware decoding for
video playback.  Be aware that the Flash plugin for the XO-4 only works on
the XO-4 as it is NEON optimized and the XO-1.75 does not support those
instructions.  The flash plugin for the XO-1.75 is iWMMXt optimized which
will run on both platforms.

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