Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 25 08:06:26 EDT 2013

I would appreciate if someone could inform me about the redistribution of the 

ARM version of Adobe Flash present in OLPC-AU builds for XO-4.
We would like to include it in FatDog/Puppylinux builds for the ARM XOs but we  
certainly do not want to violate any outstanding redistribution agreements.
Alternatively we could have a script for the user to rsync it from the olpc-au 
update server directly.  
I looked for the equivalent of rsync://updates.laptop.org/ but could not find 
Any pointers? 

The other thing that we can not find is the marvell-ipp source. The 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Vmeta page points to 
Git repo: /home/dsd/private_git/marvell-ipp branch (mmp2/mmp3 branches) 
Does "private_git" means that indeed are not available?
Or that maybe available only after an NDA or something relevant?

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