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James Cameron quozl at
Thu Sep 5 21:16:47 EDT 2013

This is normal.

You have been given units with incomplete manufacturing data.

How did that happen?

Please pick two units, a working unit and a failed unit, and get to
the ok prompt.

Type .mfg-data and compare the output.

You should find you will need to:

- delete the TS tag (ok delete-tag TS),

- add the TS tag with a value of SHIP (ok add-tag TS SHIP),

- delete the BD tag (ok delete-tag BD),

Then try booting.

On Thu, Sep 05, 2013 at 09:07:33PM -0400, Kevin Gordon wrote:
> Hi:
> The deployment preparation g-ds are not being kind to me today.  I have
> prepared about 35 XO 1.75s to go out.  However, I have another 15 that are
> causing me new grief.
> The messages on boot are:
> USB devices:
> /usb at d420800/hub at 0,0
> OLPC 1C2, 800MHz, 1GiB memory, 4 GB internal storage, S/N SHC23500C88
> Open Firmware Q4D34  EC Firmware 1.0.01 2013-09-06 00:54:24 UTC
> WARNING TS tag is not SHIP
> Type the Esc key to interrupt automatic startup
> Boot device: /wlan Arguments:
> Scan for OLPCFW not found
> <buffer at fda3f514:0;
> Can't open boot device
> i have used the same 5 USB .sticks for the 35 that worked, and the 15 that
> havent.
> I flashed the firmware from the USB and that worked and rebooted as above
> I did a 4key build install using 32013o2.zd and the and that went
> through the reflash process seemed to go through fine, but the reboot comes
> back with the above message.
> The icon comes up, the sound plays, then the above messages come up.
> After the reflash, there are two other messages under the first /usb at d420800/
> hub at 0 with the same start then a /scsi at 4,0 and another with a /scsi at 4,0/disk 
> i tried a test-all, and it seemed to go very well up to a point wherein there
> were a ton of IO_RW_DIRECT response=CMD state; invalid function;
> sdio-poll-di-ready failed.
> Any ideas?
> If it were a 1.5, I'd try to swap the SDHC card, but these are 1.75's  :-)
> Thanks
> KG

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