[Sugar-devel] Activity Central's Sugar related priorities.

NoiseEHC noiseehc at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 15:31:05 EDT 2013

> I have put the ?latest? sources here:
> https://github.com/NoiseEHC/sugar-webkit-native
> It requires a "yum install webkitgtk3-devel" to be able to compile, 
> unfortunately my XO-1.75 says that there are no more mirrors to try 
> for mesa and libdrm dependencies so I could not try it under an ARM 
> XO... (I did try it some time ago however it just stopped working.)
> You may also need to create a test2/bin directory as git does not 
> include it...
> The code is full of static char buffers which should be fixed and it 
> also crashes on an XO when you compile with webkit2gtk...
Ehem, the source should be in a directory called test2 so it matches the 
name in the .info file... That is why it requires a test/bin subdir...

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