Activity Central's Sugar related priorities.

David Farning dfarning at
Mon Oct 7 12:41:38 EDT 2013

As a data point for other decision makers and a follow up to some of
the recent threads on the future of Sugar, I would like to share
Activity Central's Sugar priorities for the next six months.

Activity Central supports the recent HTML5 + JS work that is going
into sugar .100. It has the potential to take the OLPC vision to any
device which runs a browser while simultaneously increasing the
potential activity developer pool by several orders of magnitude. This
is an excellent area for community lead research. Activity Central
will be doing activity side work to test the viability of the
framework for client deployments.

As a more incremental approach, Activity Central will continue our
deployment-centric work by porting Dextrose to Ubuntu. A concern among
deployments is the future availability of hardware to support their
current investment. Deployments are concerned that laptop support will
stop before tablets are ready for use in the field. Because of the
controversial nature of this work and the potential for disruption it
may cause to the Association, we understand if some people would
prefer to sit this out.

Would either of these list be appropriate to continue these
discussions about this downstream efforts to port sugar to Ubuntu for
use on hardware not sold by the Association?

Phase one has been a poof of concept as seen at (ongoing)
Phase two will be opening the project to the community.
Phases three will be testing and piloting by deployments.

David Farning
Activity Central:

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