[ANNOUNCE] Fatdog-ARM Linux for the XO-4

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 7 00:34:51 EDT 2013


> 3.  external media such as SD card and USB drives are not always
> available, but internal media is always available,
>>  That is also why we do not provide zd images that would be easier to
>>  install.  People that want it in the internal eMMC  should know how
>>  to do it too ;)
> For people who want to try your build, you have made it harder for
> them, for (in my opinion) no good reason.
> You need not use zd images.  A simple Forth script would do fine.
> ok d# 4096 fat32-partition int
> ok copy u:\fd-arm.sfs int:\fd-arm.sfs
> ok mkdir int:\boot
> ok copy u:\boot\initrd.4 int:\boot\initrd.4
> ok copy u:\boot\vmlinuz.4 int:\boot\vmlinuz.4
> ok copy u:\boot\olpc.fth int:\boot\olpc.fth
> ok bye

Thanks you for the script.
However this would imply that you already 
have expanded the tarball in a stick and then you copy over instead of 
just booting from it. So is hard to see how is any easier for the user. 

> Can also copy out members from within .zip file using Open Firmware.

What would be interesting is to download 
the the zipped file in the internal card and then have 
forth do the rest. Is it possible to read the file from int:\home\olpc\Downloads\file.zip, keep it in RAM, format int and write back from RAM?

Though, come to think of it you may not need any of these. Could use alt-boot (assuming is empty) and existing partitions. Fatdog does not really care what else is in the partitions. 
The challenge in this case is the fatdog-xo olpc.fth to know which device and setting we boot from and act accordingly in all possible scenarios.

> If you wanted to set up a barrier to booting from internal storage,
> there are probably more logical methods.

Suggestions are welcome as always ;)

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