Few sugar activities crashes

Basanta Shrestha basanta.shrestha at olenepal.org
Sun Nov 10 03:56:10 EST 2013

On my 13.2.0 build, few activities like peppy, write, terminal doesn't

When I uninstall the default version of terminal ( version 41) and install
terminal-40.xo, it works.  But when I try to generate image by putting
version 40 under /usr/share/doc/olpc-os-builder-7.0.0/examples/activities/
it doesn't install.

I always use olpc-os-builder --cache-only olpc-os-13.2.0-xo4.ini. I was
wondering will removing --cache-only in the above command will look for new
terminal version and solve the issue?

Or is there a way to exclude installing some sugar activities through
olpc-os.13.2.0.xo4.ini file ? so that I can test and install the ones that

Please suggest.

Basanta Shrestha
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