Exist any Activity cache that ones must be aware while code/deployment/test cycle an Activity?

Frank Cancio frank at gsc.uy
Mon May 20 10:01:16 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I developing an Activity for XO-1, sugar 0.94.1 and my procedure to
test on a laptop is simple:

1- Remove the old .py and .pyo files from the

2- Copy the new .py files for /home/olpc/Activities/MyActivityName

3- Remove  from the Journal the entry created by the previous activity
execution.(BTW, how can I do this by command line?)

4- Execute the activity to see the changes I introduced in the new .py copied.

The changes that I'm doing between tests cycle aren't simple, and some
time I have the feeling that the activity I run is not running with my
last changes.

So, my questions is, exist any cache system or I must do anything else
to make sure that the new .py files  get execute and not the code
inside the files I delete?

Thanks in advance

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