Auckland Testing Summary 18 May 2013

Tom Parker tom at
Fri May 17 23:52:42 EDT 2013

Auckland Testing Summary 18 May 2013
Who: John, Oliver, Tabitha, Tom

Testing One Education OS 1.2 (build au889) on XO-1.75 and XO-system 1a 
for XO-4 (build 32) on XO-4.

One Education OS 1.2 (build au889) on XO-1.75:
Sound doesn’t work due to OLPC #12637 downgrading the firmware to Q4D24 
fixes it.

Browse is really old and slow! Many websites work badly!

Measure works

Maze works with 2 way collaboration on adhoc wifi

Paint works, can easily change fonts when writing
basic test works - labyrinth, implode, maze, memorize, moon, ruler, 
tamtam mini, numbers, speak, record, clock, stopwatch

XO-system 1a for XO-4 (build 32):
no get books??
Somehow the top hit in aslo for get books waas get internet archive 
books (version 6) but install fails with error:
sugar3.bundle.bundle.MalformedBundleException: Activity bundle 
does not specify a bundle id
Regular get books installs and works well

read works

color chooser in write is laggy, but otherwise write works

tamtam mini 67 got caught in an inifnite loop, see this was not repeatable

paint- can’t choose font when using text boxes with trackpad or 
touchscreen maybe due to wear the menu drops down, bold and italic works

works - moon, maze, implode, memorize, clock, stopwatch, physics, write
nice improvements in speak for visual tool identification
nice improvements in record for visual tool identification

ran software updates - fraction bounce and level activities work

write full test works
record works
browse basic test works
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