squashfs module for ARM kernels

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Thu May 16 15:09:39 EDT 2013

now that we've got several patches on the list for this, perhaps
someone could open a ticket requesting the feature, with the right
patches attached.  i'm sure it will make the someone's job easier. 
target the ticket for 13.2.0.  (and don't wait too long.  that train's
about to leave the station!  :-)


yioryos wrote:
 > > This is a good idea.  We already have CONFIG_SQUASHFS=m
 > > on the XO-1
 > > and XO-1.5 kernels.  It won't be loaded unless needed
 > > by user-space,
 > > so it is low risk to add.
 > > 
 > > Attached is a patch for XO-4.  I wasn't able to figure
 > > out a patch for
 > > XO-1.75, because "make oldconfig" asked me far too many
 > > questions.
 > > 
 > If squashfs module building is activated, you may want to consider xz support too. Is becoming rapidly prevalent and does not increase module size much.
 > Attached are patches for xo-1.75 (3.0-wip kernel, 3bef06d573cebfdb4ff0d9832f3fc1aea93d22fa) and xo-4 (3.5 kernel, 	265e8dda6a55825aca3bb39f6c531522e1d357fc) defoconfigs. They build sane kernels but I could only test XO-1.75 (no XO-4)
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