squashfs module for ARM kernels

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at yahoo.com
Thu May 16 15:06:11 EDT 2013

> This is a good idea.  We already have CONFIG_SQUASHFS=m
> on the XO-1
> and XO-1.5 kernels.  It won't be loaded unless needed
> by user-space,
> so it is low risk to add.
> Attached is a patch for XO-4.  I wasn't able to figure
> out a patch for
> XO-1.75, because "make oldconfig" asked me far too many
> questions.

If squashfs module building is activated, you may want to consider xz support too. Is becoming rapidly prevalent and does not increase module size much.
Attached are patches for xo-1.75 (3.0-wip kernel, 3bef06d573cebfdb4ff0d9832f3fc1aea93d22fa) and xo-4 (3.5 kernel, 	265e8dda6a55825aca3bb39f6c531522e1d357fc) defoconfigs. They build sane kernels but I could only test XO-1.75 (no XO-4) 
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