OS Builder output img ?

lionel at olpc-france.org lionel at olpc-france.org
Mon Mar 25 18:23:39 EDT 2013

> Well for one you have to have those keys present for your installed os to
run either on that stick or by copying the developer key to the XO.
> But then you have to make sure that the developer key is re-installed
anytime you reflash the XO.  Also if for some other reason the dev keys are
> from the laptop it will stop booting the OS.  Other than that the most
common gotcha with running XO's in secure mode is that if you have RTC clock
> then the laptop can stop booting and you have to have a developer key to
fix them.  Getting developer keys after the laptops have been deployed can
be a 
> lot of extra effort to obtain and then distribute to the XO.
> Its also just less hassle.  If you are installing a customized non-signed
build then you have to have the laptops un-secure to boot it so the one-time
disable of 
> the security system means that you won't ever have to mess with it again
unless you re-enable it.

Okay, you definitively convince me to disable security.

>: installer
>   " copy-nand u:\21007xx0.img" eval
>   " change-tag LO fr_FR.UTF-8" eval
> ;
> installer
> Note that if you want to also disable the security system in this script
then we will need a slightly different approach.  By default each time you
change a tag 
> the laptop will reboot.  So to change multiple tags in one go you need to
use a tag change that won't reboot the laptop.

Hmmm. Change-tag without reboot ? Is there any way to do that ?
And that's only one part of the problem, the other one is that my
"installer" script run for ever:


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