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Richard Smith richard at laptop.org
Mon Mar 25 17:42:36 EDT 2013

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 5:20 PM,  <lionel at olpc-france.org> wrote:

> Hi Richard,
>> You appear to be using a developer key.  If you are going to be installing
> a custom build on all the laptops I would encourage you to disable the
> security
>> system altogether as the last step in your olpc.fth step with
> 'disable-security'.  Then some of the gotchas that occur with secure laptops
> won't happen.
> Yes you're right, I'm using an "unlock stick" [1]. What sort of problem
> could occur?

Well for one you have to have those keys present for your installed os
to run either on that stick or by copying the developer key to the XO.
 But then you have to make sure that the developer key is re-installed
anytime you reflash the XO.  Also if for some other reason the dev
keys are removed from the laptop it will stop booting the OS.  Other
than that the most common gotcha with running XO's in secure mode is
that if you have RTC clock problems then the laptop can stop booting
and you have to have a developer key to fix them.  Getting developer
keys after the laptops have been deployed can be a lot of extra effort
to obtain and then distribute to the XO.

Its also just less hassle.  If you are installing a customized
non-signed build then you have to have the laptops un-secure to boot
it so the one-time disable of the security system means that you won't
ever have to mess with it again unless you re-enable it.

: installer
   " copy-nand u:\21007xx0.img" eval
   " change-tag LO fr_FR.UTF-8" eval

Note that if you want to also disable the security system in this
script then we will need a slightly different approach.  By default
each time you change a tag the laptop will reboot.  So to change
multiple tags in one go you need to use a tag change that won't reboot
the laptop.

Richard A. Smith
One Laptop per Child

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