Auckland Testing Summary 23 March 2013

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Sat Mar 23 04:43:13 EDT 2013

Auckland Testing Summary 23 March 2013
Who: Fabiana, John, Hans, Oliver, Tabitha, Tom

Testing 13.2.0 Build 1 on XO-1.75 and XO-4

No sound in TamTam or Speak on 3 out 5 XO-1.75s. Speak hung when saying 
a sentence, scratch failed to start with an error in it’s log about 
missing sound driver. Record hangs when you take a photo on those 
laptops that have broken sound. We have discovered that this is related 
to firmware Q4D27, as the two laptops that worked were still on Q4D24. 
Updating them caused the sound to stop working.

On Karearea, the UI did not respond to mouse clicks or keyboard input, 
but the neighbourhood/friends/activity list keys worked. After 3 reboots 
this started working and we discovered the wifi doesn’t work, eth0 
exists but is not configured. This laptop is one of the ones on which 
sound does not work.

I have the /var/log/messages from a few laptops including Karearea's bad 
wifi boot if anyone is interested.

Measure seems fine
Physics still has the top of screen problem on XO-1.75 but is working 
very well on XO-4.

The context menu on the activity ring is annoying. It takes a long time 
to appear and disappear.

WikipediaEN works, WikipediaES works

Browse still hangs on Zimbra. The PDF viewer embedded in browse doesn’t 
have a jump to page option, and in touch mode, you can’t use the scroll 
bar because you can’t reach it with your finger. If you open a pdf file, 
save it to the journal, close browse and re-open then you can’t close 
the pdf tab, raised

Collaboration doesn’t work in write, does in chat. Access point, no 
school server. Nothing interesting in the log.

Battery life on XO-4 C2 seems significantly improved over previous 
builds. We would be interested in a confirmation or otherwise of this in 
the power log analysis.
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