13.2.0 development build 1 released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Fri Mar 15 13:57:06 EDT 2013


13.1.0 was developed with a focus on XO-4 factory requirements for
mass production. We are now very close to that point, so it is likely
that build 36 will be marked as 13.1.0 final shortly.

We are far from done with XO-4 in terms of the user experience though,
so lets open up again to new development. 13.2.0 plans are not yet
final but we know that we want to have a release cycle focused on bug
fixes and XO-4.

That's enough info to open the doors and publish the first development
build, since there are a few items queued up already.


XO-4 automatic power management is enabled. We do still have some
known issues in this area though.

Latest XO-4 firmware has a fix for a crash on wakeup. Latest firmware
releases for the other laptops are included as well.

Latest Sugar-0.98 releases are included, as well as the latest
versions of the activities.

Thanks for any feedback and testing.


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