[support-gang] Customization Sticks fails on 13.1.0 & 12.1.0 for XO-1

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Tue Mar 12 22:21:49 EDT 2013

On Mar 12, 2013, at 3:54 PM, Holt wrote:

> On 3/11/2013 10:08 PM, John Watlington wrote:
>> Please don't redistribute secure laptops --- OLPC's policy since early 2009 has
>> been to deprecate the security system.   The exceptions have been deployments
>> "large" enough to have dedicated support staff capable of handling their own keys.
> I wish :)  We have no choice but to continue to distribute secure laptops in Haiti as these are Give1Get1 redonations that are already (largely) moved from the USA to Haiti where the developer key process is unrealistic+overwhelming to largely offline deployments.

No more unrealistic than upgrading them.   All it takes is running a collector
USB key over the laptops, mailing or emailing the small text file generated to the
US, and receiving a small text file back.


> The only realistic solution (for Haiti here) is USB stick reflashing for evolving/expanding small deployments every few years (or months when we're truly lucky!  With Customization Stick or similar offline one-offs.

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