[support-gang] gray dots forever: when 12.1.0 & 13.1.0 never fully boot (XO-1 especially? 11.3.1 too)

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Tue Mar 12 13:42:07 EDT 2013

(1)  If powerd fails when the clock is set to before the Unix epoch,
powerd is buggy, and this bug should be ticketed and fixed.

That bug is independent of the situation that causes the clock to get
set that way (which may well be another bug in another component, which
would deserve another ticket).

(2) Perhaps the reason there is trouble with reflashing some laptops
whose clocks are bad is that the signature on the new release has a
limited validity time period, and the security system is rejecting the
new release because the bad clock looks like it's outside the validity


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