Auckland Testing Summary 2 March 2013

Tom Parker tom at
Sat Mar 9 17:52:00 EST 2013

On 05/03/13 07:04, Daniel Drake wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 2:23 AM, Tom Parker <tom at> wrote:
>> In Physics on XO-1.75 the top couple of cm of the screen is white. The exact
>> line where this happens moves around. This has been reported before. This
>> doesn’t happen in the same way on the XO-4, with a complicated enough
>> display, the whole screen flickers every few seconds. The more complicated
>> the display the worse it gets, to the point where it becomes unusable (3/4
>> of the screen is permanently white with only a few objects on the screen).
>> Also the mouse pointer is very badly corrupted. This looks like
> I can't reproduce this here after a quick test. However, build 34
> should fix the cursor corruption issue, which might have been linked
> to the other issues you were seeing.

I can't reproduce it on XO-4 on build 34 either.

> Chart is the correct name. Where do you see it as SimpleGraph?

Apparently this was noticed in the name of the log.

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